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gabrielle and kim

Correction Counselor Comforted by One Special Charity

My daughter Gabrielle is a happy, active 16 year old. To look at her beautiful smiling face, you would never know that she made her entrance into the world at 30 weeks gestation. I am very thankful to the wonderful care that she was given during a 78 day hospitalization. I am equally grateful to the Ronald McDonald House, which was located close to the hospital, for giving me a place to stay until my daughter was well enough to be discharged. 

One of our 500 participating charities in the CT State Employees Campaign, the Ronald McDonald House took care of all of my needs, allowing me to focus solely on my daughter. The happiest day of my life was when Gabby was allowed to finally go home. 

I will never forget the kindness extended to me by the staff at the Ronald McDonald House. The journey that Gabby and I took over nine years ago would have been more difficult if it weren’t for the Ronald McDonald House.


Kim Benoit,

Counselor, York Correctional Institution


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Ronald McDonald House Charities

We provide compassionate care and resources to children and families served by leading hospitals, provide access to quality health care, and enable family-centered care worldwide.

Phone: 630-623-7048

Admin Fee: 6%

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