CT Employee Giving

State Employees Campaign Committee

A group of State Employees, like you, are appointed to serve on the State Employees' Campaign Committee. These State Employees oversee the operation of the Connecticut State Employees' Campaign: including reviewing each agency that appears in the directory. Thanks to their overwhelming support and dedication, this charitable campaign is able to help so many people in Connecticut and beyond.

Name Agency Contact
Tim Newton, Chair Department of Correction timothy.newton@po.state.ct.us
Cindy Cannata Freedom of Information Commission cindy.cannata@ct.gov
Valerie Clark Office of Policy & Management valerie.clark@ct.gov
Kathleen Gensheimer Judicial Branch kathleen.gensheimer@jud.ct.gov
Lilia Kieltyka Department of Economic and Community Development lilia.kieltyka@ct.gov
Charles Kistler State Retiree
Julie Bernosky Department of Administrative Services julie.bernosky@ct.gov
Ina Wilson Department of Education ina.wilson@ct.gov